Dual Sim Card Smart Phone

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Country: Australia
Smart Phone With Dual Sim Cards

Phone Case Refund

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Country: New Zealand
There are some pledgers of Crowdbuy 18044 who have still not recieved their phone cases as promised or who have recieved defective phone cases. Please vote to decide on your prefered refund and replac

Forex Price Alert App For Smart Phones

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Country: Australia
How to pay a freelancer to develop an app that allows users tto recieve Forex Price Alert SMS messages when they reach a threshold.?Payments will be released via project milestones through escrow .

Android Smartphone With Dual Sim Cards

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Country: New Zealand
We seek a manufacturer to provide a tailor made edition of a smart phone that can have the following features and functionality

Wall Paper

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Country: Australia
2800mm x 920 mm 5 Color Choices

SP Test Poll

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Country: Pakistan

Tulip Seeds With 3 Color Choices

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Country: Australia
Tulip Seeds in 30g Package with 3 color choices

Tulip Seeds

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Country: Australia
30g Package with 3 Color Choices