How It Works

How It Works

Welcome! is an innovative online platform designed to revolutionize the crowdbuy and crowdfunding experience. We fill the gap left by traditional e-commerce web hosts to put buying power back in the hands of the consumer.

1. Use Cases

What can you use for? Whether you're buying, selling or fundraising, there are many unique ways to buy into our patented e-commerce model. We have been truly amazed by some ofthe innovative ways our users are meeting their crowdbuy goals. Here's a list of some of the highlights:

-A group of consumers can leverage their buying power to develop and purchase a functional extension for their smartphones or tablets. This could be software, such as a price alert app, accessories, such as phone covers or cases, and hardware like dual SIM cards for Android.

-A group of property owners can pool their resources to maximize ROI by selling a single package deal to a site developer.

-Individual users frequently initiate crowdbuy polls and campaigns to cash in on commission incentives. Plus, users with specific needs can launch Polls and Campaigns to find a community of buyers or funders who share their needs.

-The platform supports a variety of individual, small business, and large scale funding solutions. From a single user trying to fund their podcast to entrepreneurs developing new products and services. We even support businesses initiating campaigns to market their products and services at a discounted price.

-Charities and non-profit organizations are tapping into the power of crowdbuy campaigns to fund and develop their outreach efforts.

-A group of patients taking the same medication can propose a crowdbuy arrangement with a pharmaceutical company, using group buying power to lower individual costs.

-A group of individuals can use our platform to demand large scale refunds of goods or even organize and fund a class action lawsuit. is a crowdbuying platform. Unlike most crowdfunding and group-buying sites, we focus on the needs of the consumer rather than the needs of businesses. By enabling our community to build and launch their own campaigns, we empower them to meet their own needs and the needs of similar customers.

2. Procedures

A. Getting Started

All you need to set up your account is an email address you check regularly. You can also use a social media account such as Google+, Facebook or Twitter to register your account. Our user-friendly site will guide you through the rest ofthe registration process.

B. Starting a poll

Congratulations! You're one step closer to launching your first campaign. Once you're registered, you have several options. You can browse other members' polls and crowdbuy campaigns by clicking the menus at the top of the screen, or you can place your first order by clicking the "Buy Now" button.

Alternately, you can start leveraging our tools for your own business opportunities by initiating a poll or crowdbuy campaign.

Before you can start your campaign, you'll need to create a poll related to your product or services features and functionality. In the Poll Menu, click "Create a Poll" and complete the "Add a New Poll" form. Completing this process is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

- Title & Description. The title should be attention-grabbing, and give other members a sense of your product or service. The description should be succinct and clear, with as much detail as possible.

- Country, Category & Goal. Tell us where you are, what category your product or service falls under, and your goal for the upcoming campaign. This information helps potential investors get a sense of your campaign's potential. You'll select these options from a drop-down menu.

- Relevant Image. We always recommend adding a high-quality image related to your service or product.

After ticking the "Active" checkbox and clicking "Save and Manage Options" you'll be ready to input your 5 Poll Options. These poll options allow the buying community to refine their pledges, create contractual agreements, and establish development milestones. It also allows you, as the Poll creator, to gauge interest in various functions, specifications, and timelines.

Your 5 Poll options can be:

  • Unique features and functionality of a product/service
  • Risk Management payment milestones
  • Dispute resolution details
  • Refund and return policy details
  • Information about preferred brands and manufacturers

After your poll closes you can either begin your crowdbuy campaign, or create a follow-up poll based on the information you've received already. Most successful campaigns precisely respond to potential buyers' needs.

C. Starting a campaign

Once you've successfully launched your poll, you can use a Poll ID to set up your campaign. Click the "Start A Crowdbuy" link to get started.

  • Vote ID: The Poll lD
  • Currency: We support 15 unique global currencies
  • Countries/Zones: The locations your product or services can be delivered to
  • Minimum Qty Per Member: The minimum quantity that each individual can order
  • Price: Unit price for each item
  • Target Order Qty: The minimum quantity in order for the campaign to be fulfilled
  • Payment Method: Limited to online payment methods (Paypal, Stripe, Escrow)
  • Delivery Time: When the product or service will be delivered*
  • Crowd Expiry Date: The date the campaign will be closed to new orders
*plus 2-3 days to allow for order processing

Accept order excess target qty: Decide whether your campaign will accept orders in excess of the target quantity

Description: This is your chance to tell the story behind your product or service. We highly recommend including a detailed description of your campaign, as well as links to any social media or online presence.

Relevant Image: A high quality image can be instrumental in drawing browsers to your campaign page.

We're in the business of rewarding initiative and innovation. That's why, with our unique approach to crowdbuy, you stand to earn commission on your successful campaigns. A few things to keep in mind:

-After each campaign's Return & Refund period, the crowdbuy starter will receive 1% of the total payments as a commission and the corresponding poll starter will receive 0.5%. That means, if you're using your own Poll ID, you stand to earn a total 1.5% commission, just for successfully meeting your campaign goals!

-While we encourage collaboration, when you initiate a crowdbuy using another starter's Poll lD, you'll need to factor a 0.5% commission reward for that started in your purchase price. This excludes crowdfunding and nonprofit polls.

-The success of our model is founded in mutual trust and individual integrity. As such, we . take intellectual property rights very seriously. If a user is accused of copying another user's existing poll and crowdbuy campaign just to receive commission, a complaint may be filed. Once the complaint is received, we will hold the accused's commissions until they have completed a third-party arbitration.

Billing Information

When you create your poll or campaign, take a moment to ensure your billing information is accurate. Some online payment platforms, such as Escrow, require this information for fraud prevention. Errors in your information could lead to payment process failures for the prospective campaign.

When calculating price, be sure to include a 6% transaction fee. The formula for a standard unit price calculation is: Provider Unit Price x 1.075 x VAT rate + Freight.

3. Additional Notice (Reminder) is a crowdbuying platform. Unlike most crowdfunding and group-buying sites, we focus on the needs of the consumer rather than the needs of businesses.

After your poll closes you can either begin your crowdbuy campaign, or create a follow-up poll based on the information you've received already. Most successful campaigns precisely respond to potential buyers' needs.

To ensure the success of a campaign, and safeguard your commission, we suggest you contact the product or service provider in advance to jointly initiate the campaign. There are a few different ways for members to organize a campaign when they are not the product or service provider:

1. The product or service provider can create a crowdbuy campaign using the poll lD ofthe poll starter. In this case, the commission will be passed on to the poll starter. You can ensure the commission is appropriately distributed by contacting

2. The poll starter can create a crowdbuy campaign directly using their own Poll ID, and pass the details along to the product or service provider. In this instance, will withhold the poll starter's commission until payment is released to the product or service provider.

All crowdbuy campaigns must provide necessary professional certifications and accreditation for products and services such as charity fundraising, medical products and services, legal services, and any products regulated by government agencies in countries where the campaign will be available. Certifications and accreditation can be uploaded as a JPEG or PNG to: . reserves the right to terminate a campaign in the event that sufficient certification and accreditation has not been provided.

4. Further Explanations

When you create your first poll, you'll notice you have the option to set its Category and Goal. This is the equivalent of selecting the prospective crowdbuy category when you launch your campaign. These specifications help other members of the community understand what you're trying to accomplish, how they can contribute, and what they'll get out of the deal.

There are three categories you can select for your poll:

1. Products: Physical merchandise that will be delivered to the buyer through sanctioned shipping services.

2. Online Services: Any suit of services that can be rendered online. Usually refers to website membership subscription, software downloads, ebook downloads, professional document downloads, custom software or program development, SEO, online advertising services, online tutorials, ticket ordering and subscription social media broadcasting.

3. Offline Services: Services that must be rendered in-person, such as real estate representation, medical procedures, building inspection or measurements, property clean-up, gardening and plant services, animal husbandry, acupuncture, massage, and any face-to-face personal or business consultations.

There are four goals for any poll, and these are further broken down into pre- or post-campaign purposes and profit or nonprofit purposes. The four goals are:

Milestone Escrow (pre-campaign):

Milestone Escrow, a payment custody service, is used for transactions that involve multiple disbursements to a service provider. It maximizes the payment safety of all crowdbuy participants. This payment service is the easiest to win buyers' trust and fulfill your campaign. Please refer to: https://www.escrowcom/milestones/how-lt-works for more information on how milestone escrow could benefit your poll.

Dispute (post-campaign):

This goal is for post crowdbuy resolutions. Often it is used to handle disputes on current or past crowdbuy campaigns, but it can help a poll starter for a prospective crowdbuy win trust from potential buyers. This goal helps consumers select proper consumer protections, take the same position for refund claims, and organize class-action lawsuits against counterfeit or fraudulent campaign starters.


The most common for-profit campaign on our platform, this poll is an opportunity to get feedback from potential buyers on product appearance, functionality, refund clause, and return policies. This detailed information drives successful crowdbuy campaigns.


Polls for non-profit campaigns such as government public service, crowdfunding, charitable fundraising, and philanthropic donations.

5. Return & Refunds

To protect our community of global buyers, only provides information exchange for poll and crowdbuy campaigns started by registered members. Some items cannot be returned due to their unique quality, property or features. We strongly recommend that campaign starters create practical and detailed consumer protection measures in their crowdbuy options in order to minimize payment risks.

All payments go through third-party online transfer platforms such as PayPal Inc and If a buyer wants to return or dispute an item, the buyer must first contact the starter following relevant return policies as detailed in the following hyperlinks:

PayPal return issues :

Escrow return issues: httpsz/ of-the-items-sent-by-the-seller

If a buyer would like a refund from a crowdbuy starter, the buyer must first contact the starter following relevant refund policies as detailed in the following hyperlinks:

PayPal refund issues: faq406

Escrow refund issues:

Please keep in mind Paypal may have different return and refund rules depending on your country. Crowdbuy starters and buyers alike are encouraged to check relevant conditions prior to making any purchases.

Additional Information

Still have questions? Please don't hesitate to contact our expert staff for more information about how can benefit you!